Избор ствари које су ми занимљиве, лепо осмишљене...понеки занимљив детаљ...

Подборка интересных мне вещей, красиво оформленных ...некоторые интересные детали

A selection of things that are interesting to me, nicely designed ...some interesting detail...

Има ли дизајн расу, пол? Есть ли в дизайне раса, пол? Does the design have a race, a gender?

"One thing I wish people knew about being a 'black designer' is that I don’t look at myself that way. I’m an interior designer—period. The color of my skin doesn’t define my talent, nor does it prevent me from relating to or designing for people from all walks of life, cultures and religious backgrounds. However, I do face discrimination that my colleagues could never dream of."

"My immediate thought is the Toni Morrison quote: 'In this country, American means white. Everybody else has to hyphenate.' In America, you rarely hear white designers being referred to as a White designer. Sometimes, I feel there is this perception of otherness or that being a Black designer automatically places me in a subculture.

Yes, I am an American designer of primarily African descent, but it does not mean my work or the projects I do for all of my clients (whose tastes range), only speak to the African or African-American aesthetic or experience. If I design a home for a client with incorporated examples of Black expressive styles or African art and furniture, it is often labeled as ‘too ethnic.' But then turn around and laud the work of white designers who have been inspired by African, African-American, or other indigenous cultures, and call it 'global chic?' Oh, and please don’t call inspiration derived from indigenous peoples 'exotic'. While being African-American is distinct, it is also extremely influential on American and global worldwide culture."

"It is important to me to send a positive message. As a Black designer I want to be recognized for my work and not shown as a victimized professional because of the color of my skin. I am a mix of white, Black, and Indian genes with a French and Caribbean culture, living in America. The talent and richness of artists and designers in my diaspora is endless. I am blessed with creativity and proud to showcase my design work...My furniture collection is inspired by my colorful Caribbean culture which you can notice in the use of colorful rich finishes on the upholstery collection."

Зашто сам ово поставио?/ Почему я опубликовал это?/Why did i post this?

"Hire black designers first and foremost," say organisers of Where are the Black Designers? anti-racism conference. 


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